Thursday, June 7, 2012

Today's Wisdom - Even Dorothy Knows

"When you come to the fork in the road, take it!"
~ Yogi Berra

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  1. I am in The middle of a thought and thinking of You. How are you Moon? ...Beautiful sites and sights _ On your blogs. I hope this day finds you well and happy. It is late, but not that late. I am good_ Considering my dear Mom just passed. I
    was back in Virginia for a couple of weeks with Dad and the family, who came in from all over the country. I am sharing a lot... of what we all go through... one day. Losing....... my
    Mom is the hugest loss, and,so, it goes. I have to adjust and it seems adjustments are just falling out of the sky. It has been a happy unhappy day around here. Issues??%&*@... I don't know, so, I had to visit myself for awhile, and I came across an unmoderated comment on this lost blog.
    It is good to see you. That is always true... that I will always see you as a star in this realm... and I am going right now, but it is very good to see you. Most excellant_Indeed... Hubert Rainfield,Esq. back in Washington now.